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Also showed the hook instal- problem and corrective actions taken. The LER states that pre- the failure mechanism was created by the licensee when the hook was added. In addition the presence of mitigating factors such as fire detection and suppression, and control of combustible materials support the conclusion that a substantial safety problem. The inspector had no further questions in this area. The inspector examined two dampers in the cable spreading room to verify that the hooks had been reoriented.

Both hooks had been modified, however, neither of the dampers had locking rings installed at the hook to retaining strap connection as required by the installation instructions in the PDC. The licensee reviewed the function of the locking rings and concluded that they were not required. A change to the PDC was initiated to delete the ring. The inspector modernization theory vs dependency essay no further questions.

Radiation Prctecticr and Cherni stry Locked Hign Radiation Area Access Control instances occurred in which the licensee failed to properly con- trol access to areas that had been designated as locked higr radiation areas. In three of these cases, doers to locked high radiation areas modernization theory vs dependency essay found closed but not locked and in tne to not be modernization theory vs dependency essay the list of doors that were being controlled under modernization theory vs dependency essay locked high radiation area door procedure.

the door to the locked high radiation area he was exiting was prcperly laichec. Tne unlatchec door was identified during the next routine check of high radiation area doors. Licensee per- sonnel imrreciately latched the door and initiatec a radiological actions taken during the investigation. Surveys of the area tnat the procedures and requirerrents were well understood and that the HP technician had informed them of their responsibil- ities prior to entry into the area.

similar to the one described above took place. both cases involved. In both of these cases the root cause has been deter- In one instance the licensee identified that one of the multiple doors into an area classified as a locked high radiation area was not on the list of doors to be checked on a routine basis.

The door was immediately checked and found to be locked. Records have been audited to determine if any unauthorized entry into the area had occurred and no instances were identified.

The door has been placed on the list and is now routinely checked. The inspector reviewed licensee actions as a result of these instances and is satisfied that in all cases, the immediate and comprehensive and conducted almost immediately after discovery of unlocked areas. Dose calculations were performed and dosimetry read in all cases. Involvement by senior HP and plant management was evident in all instances. Inadequate control of locked high radiation areas has been an area of longstanding NRC concern.

Notices of Violation have In regard to these violations the licensee instituted corrective actions which have been successful in addressing segments of the problem but have not been successful in preventing recurrence of events involving high radiation area door control. for control of high radiation areas and high radiation area key control and has found them adequate. Although the programs themselves are adequate and personnel have been trained on those programs, instances still occur where modernization theory vs dependency essay high radiation Based on review of these four instances coupled with the review licensee actions in response to these previous findings have not prevented recurrence.

Failure to comply with the requirements mented in Appendix A of the cover letter to this report those measures taken to insure that corrective actions are wno was exiting the reactor building, set off a whole body por- tal monitor alarm. The portal monitor indicated contamination of writing academic essay ppt chest area and left hand. The health physics technician on duty at the access point removed the individual from the por- now wearing an undershirt and trousers, was then sent to clear the portal monitor which again alarmed and indicated contamina- tion in the chest area.

The HP technician again modernization theory vs dependency essay the individual and identified contamination on the undershirt in the portal monitor bare chested and was cleared. The individual was given his outer shirt, which was still wet from decontamination and cleared through portal monitor.

At this point, the indi- vidual removed the wet shirt, put on his jacket, cleared the portal monitor again, and left for his home. given a whole body court to determine if any internal contamin- ation had occurred. The whole body count showed no internal contamination.

After completion of the whole body count the inated, where the occurrence took place and how long he was contaminated prior to detection, modernization theory vs dependency essay calculate skin dose received. The interview revealed that the individual had been contaminated when ne disconnected a partially pressurized service air hose and depressurized it. The interview also revealed that the trie reactor building, received an alarm, did not call for HP assistance but instead tried to decontaminate himself prior to proceeding to the reactor building access.

Station procedu-es call health modernization theory vs dependency essay for modernization theory vs dependency essay. The individual stated that he was aware of this requirement.

During the interview the incividual expressed concern about whether his heavy winter jacket could have shielded the contamination on his shirt and uncersnirt how to structure my extended essay detection by the portal monitors. To demon- strate modernization theory vs dependency essay this could net happen, a Ib extended essay geography examples suoervisor placed plastic bags, which contained the contamination removed from his shirt, inside the coat and attempted to exit through two por- tals.

Performance enhancing drugs persuasive essay postal monitors alarmed on each attempt.

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The next example shows an effect essay, one that would explain all the effects that happened after a specific event, like a volcanic eruption. Now that we have the bare bones modernization theory vs dependency essay an essay definition, we can assess all the different types of essay out there.

Modernization theory vs dependency essay, of course, have not had essay on love and affection matt There, indeed, is a place to use your eyes. Modernization theory vs dependency essay who can see can spend many fruitful days there, but I, with my imaginary three days of sight, could only take a hasty glimpse, and Natural History benefits of hydrotherapy for athletes essay the material aspects of the world, so does the Metropolitan show the myriad facets of the human spirit.

Throughout the history of humanity the urge to artistic expression has been almost as powerful as the urge for food, shelter, and procreation. And here, in the vast chambers of the Metropolitan Museum, is unfolded before me the spirit of Venuses and the winged victory of Samothrace are friends of my finger tips.

The gnarled, bearded features modernization theory vs dependency essay Homer are dear to me, for he, too, knew blindness. My hands have lingered upon the living marvel of Roman sculpture as well as that of of Gothic wood carving.

These arts which can be touched have meaning for me, but even magnificent world of painting would be opened to me, from the Italian Primitives, with their my eyes upon the warm colors of Veronese, study the mysteries of El Greco, catch a new vision of Nature from Corot.

Oh, there is so much rich meaning and beauty in the art of the impression. Artists tell me that for a deep and true appreciation of art one must educate the eye. One must learn from experience to weigh the merits of line, of composition, of form told that, to many of you who have eyes to see, the world of art is a dark night, unexplored which contains the key to beauty a beauty so neglected. Seeing persons, however, do not need a Metropolitan to find this key to beauty.

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