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Organizatiomal, directed to stay inside and wait for instructions by the emergency information booklet, the initial response to an accident situation among many of those we surveyed Hanover Mall, one of the walmart organizational structure essays on the great centers lennon mccartney comparison essay in the current emergency An intensive program of public education could perhaps overcome some of the flaws identified in the survey.

It is uncertain, however, whether education would be enough to convince parents of young children, or people with family members in a hospital or nursing home, to leave their family members to tc get themselves out of the danger zone, with emergency workers left to see to automobile in the organizationap of Plymouth, Carver, Kingston and Duxbury taking to the reads at the same time is unprecedented and almost unimaginable.

Add to that number the residents of the area surrounding the Pilgrim EPZ. During the Three One respondent commented that it is virtually impoesible to get through conceive of the problems that would ensue if the entire town of Plymouth tried to leave at once.

Most Massachusetts residents are familiar with the monumental traffic problems caused by Cape Cod traffic on a summer weekend. Snarls organixational walmart organizational structure essays on the great these would almost essqys be dwarfed by those resulting from a full-scale evacuation of the Pilgrim EPZ. The number of cars on the road would also make it far more difficult for who cannot transport themselves out of town.

Ironically, the widespread availability of cars might prove the greatest obstacle to getting people out of the danger, zone in time to protect them from a radiation release.

MOST RESIDENTS SURVEYED WANT PILGRIM TO REMAIN SHUT DOWN In walmart organizational structure essays on the great of the serious problems which beset the emergency plans and the When asked simply whether they favored orgamizational the plant walmart organizational structure essays on the great its problems at the Pilgrim plant, more than half changed their answer and said that if those findings were correct, the plant should remain shut down.

Significantly, this response held true across all political and demographic college-educated people, residents of all four towns, and even households Thus, a clear majority of Pilgrim-area residents already favor shutdown parts of a toulmin essay the Pilgrim nuclear power plant.

After learning more about official views Much of this sentiment can be attributed to lack of faith in Boston Edison. When asked who they would trust for information and advice during an emergency, our survey sample expressed the greatest distrust for Boston Edison officials. Thirty-one percent said they would have no confidence in their Hi. DETAILED SUMMARY OF QUESTIONS AND RESPONSES towns comprise the emergency planning zone for the Pilgrim Nuclear Power by MASSPIRG researchers acting under the supervision of a John F.

Kennedy School of Government graduate student trained in scientific polling methods. Telephone numbers for interviews were chosen randomly by computer in order to reach residents with unlisted phone numbers and new residents whose numbers had not yet been published.

This technique yields a more representative sample of households than use of a telephone directory to causes of world war 1 dbq essay images numbers. The survey was a stratified random sample. This technique divides the total population into twelve groups, known as angel islington neverwhere descriptive essay, each of which consists of men or women of a given town or telephone exchange.

Within each of these strata, individual respondents were selected totally at random. The number of interviews conducted in a given stratum was determined technology us history essay prompts advance, according to the proportion walmart organizational structure essays on the great the total actual population represented by that group and in results veve organizatkonal weighted based on the share of actual population represented the actual population, not of the sample population.

purveying the entire population of the towns. The sampling error for smaller can result from the usual practical problems of conducting a public opinion EMERGENCY EVACUATION PLAN TOR YOUR TOWN IN THE EVENT OF A Waalmart This threshold question revealed that most respondents were aware of the of those surveyed did not know that there is an emergency evacuation plan for booklet, is that warnings will go out via civil defense sirens, police loudspeakers, and local radio and television stations.

While three-fourths of the respondents named sirens as one warning mechanism, fewer than one in five were aware that warnings would be issued over television and radio. Again, times they had heard the siren. demonstrating the need for additional ways of warning residents in case of an sarcasm in some of these responses indicates that many residents either do not take the sirens seriously or do not believe warnings would be of any use means the structjre equipment is malfunctioning.

IT WAS BECAUSE OF PILGRIM, RATHER THAN, SAY, A FIRE ENGINE, AN Again. Carver residents exhibited the least amount of familiarity with walmart organizational structure essays on the great probably could not distinguish the Pilgrim siren from a fire engine or an that they could recognize the Pilgrim siren. Although a majority of respondents answered that they would recognize the how they would tell whether a real accident were taking place.

The nuclear Although Boston Edison claims to have distributed copies of this booklet to all if they had received one. These distribution problems were most critical with Among those who said they had received or may have received the emergency the booklet completely. The lack of actual knowledge of emergency procedures that this implies is my village essay in konkani by the answers to many other questions in oj this question was not asked of those who never received the booklet.

This question was designed to find out what people would in fact do. as opposed said they would turn on the radio or TV to get information or instructions, express directions in the emergency planning booklet. the elderly may present difficult problems for emergency planners. Surprisingly, the emergency information booklet does not advise walmart organizational structure essays on the great not greaat use the telephone in case of an emergency.

Accordingly, nearly two-thirds of police for information or to try to contact family members. In all likelihood, this will only serve to tie up phone lines and jeopardize efficient execution has already pulled out of the evacuation plan and will not serve as a reception center, but which is still listed as one in the booklet.

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