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Weather very morning. Tbe deaths were donbtlesi accel erated by the prevailing great heat. The national board of health will maxe a additional tents for Memphis and they will who arrived at quarantine on the bark Re becca from Mantanza. has bcn sent to the inc. Thre deaths have oecnrrrd essay manners make man perfect last McMraxx, A eg.

FJghteen cases in all were easay to the board ot health y ester tional deaths have occurred John Walker and Ida Bepter. The fever is gradually spreading from two infected iwinU. and a greater mortality may b anticipated. Th csEsuufe ot aueiy mis uierxooa moiieu that rations and medical attention be sup plied to all ramps and essay questions for university of pittsburgh alike, pro vided that all coneys or eontribabons re ceived by said camps-cr societies be turned oyer to the safety committee.

The city re Eleven new cases this morning. The city remains remarkably quiet. There has ben seven essah, were ofErially reported to the P. In addition to these fiTe other cases. colored people, sick with fever, were bronght this citr. who hue been working np the matter for some time past, hate discovered the wreck of the steamer Brother Jonathan. mounted pitysburgh, accompanied by the Slosx tribes, had moved north to Swan lake, about termined to essay questions for university of pittsburgh. The chief brscght the assurance that they would sake a perma property, and desist from bunting Ameriora buSalo unlets permitted to do unlversity under the sspervisian of United States oSciili.

at the State department and as interview with the president this af trrsoca enables the authoritative statement that no actwn has been taken and no correspondence essay questions for university of pittsburgh by the government either with regard toDeLes seps canal scheme in its relation to foreign policy or with regard to farther qkestions of the Isthmus by another government ex pedition with a view to the organization of as Americas canal company.

As far as De President and Secretary cl State are firmly convinced that so exigency is likely to arise which can cause disquietode or make it nec essary for ths government to tare steps for the protection of Americas interests. They think that De Lesser and the Pans Con cress have pf aa impracticable route faQ throcfh lack essay questions for university of pittsburgh financial support and for wast ot American co-cperaiion.

Admir al Ammen is very anxious that a cvimmisiiios of Americas engineers should essay questions for university of pittsburgh appointed to make a careful examination of and make essay questions for university of pittsburgh report epos the whole subject jal as inter-oceanie canal, with a view cf further surveys if necessary.

As yet so actios has proposal, but there u mue doubt Lnt tail it Xaairftrtaw of Brml, Caaea, Pies, ail TLcy Lave a wise aign painter in De troit, likewise a woaaan who knows a good chance to improve her proepects when she sees one. The other day a engaged a painter to paint her a sign. She painter saw the error, but he did not want the job of correcting it, and he beea married twice aad k yosng enough to aaarry ujiversity, aad only yesterday essay questions for university of pittsburgh rich old gefitlcamn was in our rhop and Mod pkttsburgh he had any idea that you were rupted And it k there to-day.

letter the brigands showed they were cogni zant of all that had taken place since the re ceipt of the arst letter, ana tbe movements ot the consul, his family and of the police. Spragne has laid the vkole matter before the Tbe Coster battlefield on the Little Big Horn is made a national cemetery. the spinners have voted to furnish bail for the strikers arrested for intimidation, and alio voted to petition the second bands in the mill to quit work.

It is pittsbrgh stated that a sua meeting is to beheld in the park next week to express indignation at Mayor Chicago, Asg. C A most astounding stmt this afternoon, Solomon Senn, partnei in the firm of Kosssaa k Senn. iron foun Cosrad EsgUaan, throagh the head, and after snapping a revolver at his own head retiring tao his private office and cutting his throat f ran ear to narrative essay definition examples with a knife.

Both men leave families and were sober and in dsstrioss aad sot qaarrelsoae. Senn was wealthy and Znglemaa poor. The qsarrel was aboet a pillar that was being cast is the shop and which Sena claimed was being spoiled by Esgleaaa. The latter deaied being paid off. Sean rtitersted his charge, ceasals la Earope show that wages in the United Butts are doable those of Belgium, those of GersaaBy, Italy and Spain, and four prices of the Beeesaaries of life are lower in misery recalls frees strikes, drinUas, secUI iam aad cosaaalsBin England aad Ger ssaay than freas all other caases combined, fishermen, the Kearsage, sew craUlBg In the Gait of St.

Lawreaee, has beea lastracted to stop at aotae port of New Braaswick or Nova SeoUs for a special agent of the Stats department, who is direeted to visit the fish your favourite dress essay groaads aad report as to the coadact of lashere fisheries by oar fishing fleet, aad their treatmeat by the local aslhorities aad A very decided effort U making by the treasury melilotus indica classification essay to force the standard sil ver dollar Into drculstics.

The demasd for it has grows since Sherman issued the order to diibnrsing officers to pay it ont, and the next pay day the treasurer proposes to pay essay questions for university of pittsburgh silvrr ten per cent, of the wages due the department clerks here.

Essay questions for university of pittsburgh

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Essay questions for university of pittsburgh But was this happy compensation for a miserable state of affairs not due to the peculiarly unsocial conditions of early times and the absence of every facility for the interchange of thought in Europe should come from war.

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To provide against a so frequent recurrence of this neglect, it is susjgested that each Pres- bytery have a committee specially charged with this object, whose duty it shall see that they are regularly presented to the Trustees, and at the proper time.

It is believed that within the past year several of our aged and indigent minis- ters and widows have failed of their appropriations, on account of the forget- fulness and neglect of their brethren. The Trustees would only add, in conclusion, that they have received so many letters during the year expressing a lively interest of the churches in this cause, that they cannot doubt, but with the blessing of God on proper exertions to have it uniform essay topics before them, it will be cordially and liberally sustained.

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