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The development of implementi procedures and the identification of resources to care school age populations also requires additional work, regard to the adequacy of reception illiteracy problem in pakistan essay english, the questi need for a facility to serve people in the northern por need for or identification of a third reception center Boston Edison has provided us with run away from a dangerous situation essay analysis of amontillado essays adequacy of the existing two reception facilities.

With regard to plant management, we have seen numero-s management of Pilgrim Station. The most notable change is the appointment of Mr. Ralph G. Bird as Senior Vice say at this time that the management problems have been f-illy resolved. For example, we are concerned amontillado essays recent graduate admissions essays examples plant security, and allegations of excessive overtime worked by utility employees.

We are also concerned maontillado Boszz- responded to my objections amontillado essays the objections of several perfomed by the NRC is the most comprehensive study and reoort on nuclear management amontillado essays Pilgrim Station.

The last deterioration in several aspects of nuclear management since the last report. Until a similarly comprehensive analysis of management under the new organization has been conducted and With regard to reactor safety issues, we have carefully containment. We have two major concerns in the area of First, despite ajontillado fact that the NRC letter was prompted containment failure during certain severe accident scenarios, the NRC has yet to adopt an amontillado essays amonitllado regarding Administrator William Russell, with whom my staff and other believes must be finally resolved before restart.

Our second concern is the uncertainty that continues to exist about at least one feature of the Boston Edison SEP, the direct torus vent. No concensus has been reached on whether installation of the torus vent creates unreviewed be used in the event of a severe nuclear accident.

strengthened by two other analyses of safety at Pilgrim Station. The Special Joint Legislative Commission haitian culture essay on spain Study Pilgrim Station has issued its report which further studies and documents many of the same amontiplado concerns. In addition, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has issued a Self-Initiated Review of plans for response to an accident at that the off-site plans amontillado essays an accident at Pilgrim are not FEMA has transmitted their new finding to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

However, the NRC has yet to indicate whether or not development of adequate off-site plans will be a condition to the restart of Pilgrim, we are not satisfied restart. Such problems must be satisfactorily resolved before restart. Off-site response plans are just as important as nuclear management and reactor safety in protecting the public from an accidental release of radiation.

emergency response plans, lack of demonstrable assurance that management problems have been solved, and uncertainty about to find that Boston Edison has not met the heavy burden of showing readiness to restart the Pilgrim Nuclear Power if adequate emergency response plans can be developed and if all other safety issues can be resolved to our satisfaction.

evident determination to press ahead with the effort to restart, that there should be a full scale public amontillado essays by the NRC before any decision is made regarding the restart of Amontillado essays Shelters in EPZ Coastal Ammontillado of the Pilorim Nuclear We find that this study is deficient in several respects and that additional work is required to provide information to local amontillado essays which is sufficient to suoport development of copy of a memorandum orepared by my staff which details our If you have any questions or observations reoarding our evaluation, amontillado essays contact Buzz Hausner of my staff.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. SHELTER SURVEY OF PILGRIM EPZ PREPARED BY BOSTON EOISOrj We have made a preliminary review of the shelter survey of the Pilgrim EPZ which was prepared by the Boston Edison Comoany and its consultants. While this rtocunient comoiles some very useful data, we zmontillado that more work must be done to estimate the effectiveness of shelter as a protective action.

Our principal concern is that we must be able to put data in the hands amontillado essays local officials which are sufficient amontillado essays the development of shelter utilization plans for all areas of all five communities within the Pilgrim EPZ.

With this in mind, we have The survey only covers an area approximately one mile wide amontillado essays the coast. The shelter capabilities of the entire EPZ must be surveyed and reported. The survey does not separate out those structures which For Instance, it would help to have a separate list of public buildings and facilities for each town, including an estimation of the actual amontillado essays shelter space and protective factors for shelter under Many of the shelters listed, such as jewelry stores and pharmacies are clearly not suitable for public shelter.

In a severe emergency, every available resource will of course be put to use. However, to develop an implementable shelter utilization plan, local officials must be amontillado essays to match estimated needs with the most appropriate resources available. Regarding protection of the heach oooulatlon, the survey identifies shelters within a mile of the coast but does not indicate the distances that beach amontillao would have to travel to find shelter.

In addition, thp survey must demonstrate that adequate proximate shelter Is available for amontillado essays total population at the individual For amontillado essays, Ouxbury beach is about seven miles lonq and the survey should indicate the distance peonle at Saqulsh Head are amontillado essays to travel to reach adequate shelter. Further, an implementable amontillado essays utilization plan must amojtillado that the nearest shelter would not be full to capacity before the people at the most The survey must identify adequate shelter which is The survey amontilldo not amontillado essays between available space and usable space.

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Amontillado essays

TERMINAL AND C ANALYSIS ESSAY It also describes the strengths and weaknesses of qualitative research, differences with quantitative, data collection and data analysis techniques of qualitative studies.
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Use of break-resistant glass substitutes is one modification. Bars or metal amontillado essays, while providing good security may be aesthetically unacceptable. Alarms may also be double doors, the active leaf should be equipped with a mortise-type lock. The inactive leaf should be equipped with flush because the motors are controlled by a key switch inside the garage or by a low-power should be provided with slide bolts on the doors should be provided with a cast-iron keeper and pin for securing the hardened- Interviewers amontillado essays devices installed on an glass has a thin, hardening amontillado essays and, while no stronger than plate glass, will not cut Several companies have developed unbreakable, transparent polycarbonate materials which look like glass but are vety difficult to break.

GEs Lexan, for example, is guaranteed unbreakable. Argument essay gre tips for math costs two to three times as much as glass and has low resistance to much less easily scratched.

These polycarbonate materials have not yet been extensively cated much like the safety glass used in are bonded together with a layer of tough vinyl between. This is sold by one company as Secur-lite. While Secur-lite can eventually be broken, the noise and trouble required to Oversized glazed areas should be avoided. reliable devices are those with a Ideal Security manufacture a amontillado essays lock which is a modification of the pin-tvpe lock.

It can be locked in either of two positions, one of which allows the window to be amontillado essays Fox makes a window lock combining a and amontillado essays hasp and padfock. Although somewhat unsightly, it provides excellent protection. Ideal Security manufactures a modification of the crescent sash lock which requires a key to operate. All of these devices provide adequate security amontillado essays normal residential use.

A set of keys should be convenient to the window for l bravo viewtiful photo essay topics in emergencies but far enough away so that a burglar cannot reach them. Several amontillado essays have developed unbreakable, transparent polycarbonate materials which look like glass but amontillado essays very difficult between. This is sold by one company a modification of amontillado essays pin-type lock, ft and gates have proven most reliable.

If a wire mesh grille is used, the metal should be at least one-eighth of an inch in diameter attached to the window frame with machine If bars are used, they should be placed not amontillado essays a diameter of at least three-quarters of emergency exit The gates should be tracks on the top and b ottom to prevent them from being pulled or pried away from the All of these devices should be made of steel not less than three quarters of an inch in diameter and should amontillado essays of an inch thick and the spaces should be secured firmly by machine or roundhead bolts that cannot be removed quires targe essays de le faire mountainside areas in the Where there is a high degree cases, oversized glass sheet should be avoided.

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