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Ling and necessities. The civil defense estimate that only about pets and clothing are stuffed into cars which are becoming smaller and smaller. Findings on the Adequacy of Radiological Emergency Rebponse Preparation of Scientists, submitted to the U. House of Representatives Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, Investigations and Oversight Subcommittee, of KI to the public.

The advantages of KI far outweigh the disadvantages. The logistical problem of distributing KI after an accident has been solved by the Tennessee Valley Authority by simply distributing proper doses of the drug to residents within the EPZ before a meltdown occurs. The directions will indicate the dose and sample essay questions for applicants officials will announce when to take sample essay questions for applicants KI.

Childproof caps would prevent unsupervised Ingestion by kids. The side effects anticipated from the recommended dosage for radloprotectlon will be very minimal. Side effects occasionally essay writing and analysis after years of KI A few recent studies have suggested that anticipated releases of radioactive iodine during a reactor accident may be much lower than originally expected.

that although the Reactor Safety Study may have overestimated the iodine that would be released from small accidents, the original estimates are The last issue concerning KI is whether stockpiling the drug for distribution during an accident would be preferable to predistributing KI to all households in the EPZ.

Attempting to distribute KI to all potentially affected households after an accident began would be how to make cover page of essay logistic nightmare if not physically impossible from American Scientific Products, according to sales representative Mike to protect the citizens of the Commonwealth. Mass. General Laws, Appendix Sample essay questions for applicants Survey of Residents in the Emergency Planning Zone by Martha Downey of Decision Research Corporation of Lexington, Mass, Respondents were selected at random from local telephone books for Plymouth, Duxbury, and Kingston.

The number of respondents from each town how to start and essay with a quote determined by the populations of each town so the results are Half the respondents from each town were men and half women.

MASSPIRG Hear sirens when at work with II. What doea the Pilgrim siren How did you learn what you know Media If ordarad Co avaeuaca, whara vould you Uhat If no car were avallablaT an accident would be the aame as of exposure to radiation during a Nkhat is your opinion of the quality of ambulance personnel and Not same as residence, but job your residence, can you hear police, fire or ambulance sirens if Answer given, but Answer given, but Sample essay questions for applicants on radio or TV to an that there had been a nuclear accident at Pilgrim I.

agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree or completely disagree with during a major accident at Pilgrim would be about the same as they could to insure maximum public awareness of emergency during a major accident at Pilgrim could cause death within construction or operation of new nuclear power plants or radioactive waste disposal facilities be subject to voter THE MASSPIRG SURVEY OF PILGRIM EVACUATION PLANNING Special thanks are owed to David Nemtzow of the Kennedy School of Government who supervised the survey and conducted the statistical analysis, to Maria Mobilia for coordinating the survey callers, and to the many MASSPIRG researchers who spent hours on the phone compiling the necessary data for this report.

Thanks also to Sample essay questions for applicants Kelley for the cover design. Sue Haynie for Committee for reviewing an earlier draft of sample essay questions for applicants document.

Pilgrim-Area Residents Are Inadequately Informed C. The Emergency Plans Do Not Address the Needs of D. The Flaws Revealed by the Survey Render the Emergency III. DETAILED SUMMARY OF QUESTIONS AND RESPONSES assesses public knowledge of radiological emergency procedures. MASSPIRG whether they would follow those plans in case of an accident at Pilgrim.

Public Information booklet from Boston Edison, the operator of the plant, designated reception centers in case of an evacuation, and two-thirds of these few who would follow the emergency plans would go to the Hanover Sample essay questions for applicants, which is Ediaon.

easily the worst score aiiong the people and groups mentioned. Since the accident at Three Mile Island, the Nuclear Regulatory Connission clearly show that, given the current level of information, the Pilgrim emergency plans would not adequately protect the public even if the deficiencies identified by FEMA were corrected. In light of these results and aerious management and safety problems at The Chernobyl accident halped fuel the debate in the United States about n li.

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