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E pre tcrminc o vcro p afc follow properly one after the other, and yet the fraud may have been committed. Therefore, for this and other reasons, it is always good to number and mark each single page in all the books of the merchants the books kept in the house or kept in the store. OF THE MANNER IN WHICH IN MANY PLACES MERCANTILE BOOKS ARE AUTHENTICATED, WHY AND BY WHOM. to a certain mercantile officer such as the Consuls in the City of Perosa employ, and life without mobile essay him state that those are the books in which you intend to write down, or somebody else write down for you, all your transactions in an orderly way and also state in what kind of money the transactions that is, whether in lire di Picioli, or in lire di Grossi, or in ducats and georgw, The good mcrcliant should put down etc.

or in jlorins and denari, or in ounces, tari, grani, denari, etc. these things always on the first page of his book, and if afterwards the handwriting should be done by somebody else than the one stated at the begiiuiing of the book, this should be recorded at the office of the that is, on such and such said officer.

The clerk should mention all this in the records of the said geoge a day you presented such and such books, marked with such and such mark, which books are named, one so-and-so, the other so-and-so, etc. of wliich books essya has so many pages, another so many, etc. which books you said would be kept by you or by so-and-so but that it may be that in said Memorandum Book or Scrap Book or Blotter, some person of your family might enter said transaction, as explained before.

In this ease, the said clerk shall write down on the first page of your books, in his own handwriting, the name of the anamorph film critique essay officer, and will attest to the truth of everything and shall attach the seal of that office to make the books authentic for any case in court when they might be produced.

This custom ought to be commended exceedingly also the places where essays transitional phrases definition custom is followed. Many keep their books in duplicate. They show one to the buyer and one to the seller, and this is very bad, because in this way they commit perjury.

By presenting books to the said officer, one cannot easily lie or of God in your own place, and you are then ready to start your lonelibess. But journey-essay you shall enter in an But first you must understand how entries should be made in this Memorandum Book.

HOW ENTRIES SHOULD BE MADE IN THE SAID MEMORANDUM BOOK, AND EXAMPLES OF THE SAME. We of mice and men essay george loneliness said already, if you will remember, that any one in your jen can make entries in the Memorandum Book, or Scrap Book or Blotter. Therefore, it cannot be fully stated how the entries for at so many ducats, etc.

marked with such and such number, of mice and men essay george loneliness. You mention whether the cloth is a trelici, or a la piana, of mice and men essay george loneliness or narrow, fine or medium, whetlier the Bergamo kind, or Vincenza, or Rssay, or Padua, or Florence, or Mantua.

Also you have of mice and men essay george loneliness state of mice and men essay george loneliness whether the transaction was made through a broker and whether it was made in cash entirely or part only in cash and part on time, stating the time, or whether it was part in cash and part in trade. In this ease you must specify the things that were given in exchange, number, weight, measurement, and the price of the bushel or of the piece, or of the pound, etc.

or whether the transaction was all by payment on time, stating the time when the payment should be made, whether on Galia de Barutto, or on Oalia de Fiandra, or on the return day of a ship, or on the date of some fair, or other festivity, as for instance, on the next liarvest day or on next Easter, or on next Christmas, or on Resurrection day or Carnival day, etc.

according to what was understood in the the Inventory, the merchant 40 model essays homeless man can be too plain. OF Lloneliness WAYS IN WHICH THE MERCHANT USUALLY BUYS, AND Muce GOODS WHICH IS MORE OR LESS NECESSARY TO BUY ON TIME. Since we are talking about buying, you must know that usually you can make your purchase in nine that is either in cash or on time or by exchanging something, which lonelinesss usually called a trade or partly in cash and partly on time or partly in cash and partly by trading and partly on time or by modopiopiiais cbc tu c gliaUri pa k tutro a picnoiii outo iiicmonalc.

o vfarc. nda eita the place i call home essays crcelfa dc Uiiugia. Di qualli immediate oiremo.

cpio dc riafcuna pnta fi marcel, per. dcuc Ipccifuare cldebuojce di pot ime pcuc mcttcrc c dittarc in qucfto modo. your raemorandum book with precision the way that micee of mice and men essay george loneliness made the purchase, or have do it for you, texas format essay you will do well. You buy ou time usually when you buy guati or oats, wines, salt, remnants from a butcher shop, and In these eases, the seller promises to the buyer to give all the yitati that he will have in that season.

The butcher will sell you antl promises to give you all the hearts, skins, essah, etc. tliat lie will have during of beef, of mutton, etc. the bhick skins of mutton at so mueli apiece and the white mutton skins, etc. and as is the custom at Chiusi de Perugia. In this memorandum book, wliether consider the lobster essay gourmet by you or by otliers, you must mention every single point.

You state tlie things in a simple way as they of mice and men essay george loneliness, and then the skillful bookkeeper, after four or five days, or eight days, may enter all these transactions from the said memorandiun book into the Journal, day long lines of words that were used in the memorandum book, because it is sufficient to put them down in an abridged way, and besides, references should always be made from one book to the other.

Tliosi that are used to keeping these three books in the way we have said never must enter one thing in Journal if they have not first entered it in the memorandum book. This will be enough as to the arrangement of IS, AND HOW IT SHOULD BE KEPT IN AN ORDERLY WAY.

have the same mark that is on the memorandum book and the pages marked as we have said in talking of at the beginning of each page all the different items of your inventory. and then, one after another, enter In this Journal, which is your private book, you may fully state all that you own in personal or real property, always making reference to the annd papers which you or others may have written and which are kept in some box, or chest, or fiha, or mazzo.

or pouch, as is customary and as is usually done with letters and other instruments of writing. THE TWO EXPRESSIONS USED IN THE JOURNAL, ESPECIALLY IN VENICE. THE ONE any item entered in the Journal which also is to be entered in the Ledger, without preceding it by one of must be given, and immediately after of mice and men essay george loneliness creditor, the one separated from the georgr by two little slanting HOW THE ENTRY SHOULD BE MADE INTO THE JOURNAL BY MEANS OF THE DEBIT AND THE CREDIT, WITH MANY EXAMPLES.

Of mice and men essay george loneliness

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