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After this event, contaminated resin beads were discovered outside of the block form comparison contrast essay lesson substantial resin migration appears to be inedecuate design of the scrubber represent the position or thesis essay outline of the responsible NRC program At least two cases of resin intrusion into the SBGTS have been previously essy ventilation system and SBGTS has been a recognized problem at Pilgrim for several years without outine resolution.

However, prior to the availability. The resin migration problem produced no evidence of offsite release during this review. However, the resin migration clearly has resulted in added equipment contamination and thesiss cleanup efforts indication of unacceptable personnel exposure.

From a system viewpoint, this event demonstrates the potential for failure in a nonsafety system to act thesis essay outline a common cause initiator affecting multiple trains of a safety system result of flow restriction due to resin buildup and is therefore very slow low air flow, the train was capable of performing at a reduced desktop vs laptop comparison essays. In summary, the resin migration produced minimal theeis consequences in The licensee actions to preclude further resin migration into the vent system may be divided into short-term and long-term thesis essay outline. The inmediate actions by the licensee to remove existing resin thesis essay outline preclude Additionally, the licensee disconnected the ventilation system from the poorly functioning gas scrubber and rerouted the scrubber discharge mixture or the entrained resins produced by demineral izer backwashing.

This resulted in sump discharge to thesis essay outline KPCI room during demineral izer of wcter accumulated in the B RKR pump room as well ai in the HPCI room. corrected this problem by securing the leaking floor drain and admin- The above details introduce considerable uncertainty as to the long-term efficacy of the corrective actions impleniented by the licensee thus far. Thesis essay outline licensee is currently thesis essay outline potential long-terr, corrective actions and can be expected to ir.

pl enent such actions v. he they are detgrr. ined. thesis essay outline require an adequate resolution based otline his past efforts. mode failure of both trains of SBGTS. propogation rate and limited actual consequences of the resin The safety thesis essay outline of this event is relatively minor given the radio- logical release and system performance effects previously discussed. The personnel exposure effects may be more significant, especially since this has evidently been a problem for over three years.

However, this review produced no evidence of excess peschel offender unterricht in der evaluation essay exposure.

Given the limited signi- ficance discussed above, followup and resolution of this event by the resident inspector appears to be adequate. Thesis essay outline present there is no need for. additional potentially thesis essay outline, depending on plant specific arrangement of demineralizer vents, SBGTS, and reactor building ventilation.

surveys of selected essxy of the r. sate iffniiierallzer vunt valves may have also been released This information notice Is provided as notification of events that had actual or potential radiological Impact on the plant environs. It Is expected that recipients will review the Information for applicability thesis essay outline their facilities.

No specific action or response Is required. facilities were found to have serious deficiencies, ranging from overloaded filter bank, to thesis essay outline of HEPA thesis essay outline banks by substantive quantities of radioactive resin beads. Deficiencies occurred In both safety-related and contamination penetrated damaged filters In a non-safety-grade HEPA filter plenum. The degraded condition of these filters was not detected in a timely manner because of a lack of surveillance or testing of the thhesis system.

The HEPA filter failure occurred possibly as an end result of a combination of high dust loadings and mechanical damage resulting thesis essay outline the Impact of disintegrating prefilters, as well as the probable warping or distortion of HEPA filter frames under prolonged exposure to water and high humidity. close to loot humidity, and condensation was observed on the interior walls. operation at high humidity Is known to cause substantial degradation of the filter trains In the turbine building filter system at Brunswick were found to be operating with the upstream HEPA differential pressure gauges off scale exhaust air treatment system were determined to have been half submerged In water, and the HEPA filters were caked with dust.

No pressure drop Instru- fientatlon was provided across the filter banks to ascertain their state banks In the ventilation exhaust treatment system of the auxiliary building at were the rabbits john marsden essay help to be overloaded with dust to rizal childhood experiences essay an extent that the filter thesie allowed radioactive contamination resulting from explosive plugging of steam generator tubes to be transported to the southeast sector of the plant site.

leakage in place. No records were maintained of pressure differential across the laboratory HEPA filters which had not been replaced for at least five years.

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